The culture you live in is formed by the leaders of that culture. Your socio-economic endorsement of their ideas makes you part of the development and future of your culture. When the culture begins to unravel, you see it happening by the failure of institutions. When institutions fail, and you ignore this reality, the consequences will lead to disruptions in the population of that culture. As long as a significant part of the culture is marginalized and disrespected, the institutional cracks will widen. Culture cannot survive without healthy and effective institutions. After all, institutions are the traditions, governance, and principles for the growth and maintenance of the culture itself.

When institutions are in ill health, the appropriate response must be to fix them. Not the symptoms of the failure, but by seeking the cause. Once you know the source, you can be assured of successfully transforming these institution. Any other effort is futile. Hypertension is a symptom, cardio-vascular disorder is the source of that symptom. When leaders do not have the insights to understand the causative factors, they will long of the good old days, when these symptoms did not exist. Time is change and all of nature, including institutions, is in a constant change environment. As any living organism, including institutions which are only the sum total of its living persons, must change or die.

The real solution is to step back and analyze these institutional anomalies. You cannot leave this to the leadership of these institutions. If they could understand the meaning of the symptoms, then you would see their effort in the sign of the times. Unfortunately, we only observe conflict, a chasm between ideas, shouting, accusations, inaction, constraints, and stalemates thus emphasizing their dysfunctionality. Your voice must raise above the noise, to inspire real solutions.