The signs of our time are the failure of our institutions. This is symptomatic of a larger phenomenon that requires attention. We are in a transitional era, one that surpasses all other historical transformations. Through human history, change is the norm. Previously cultures had years, and centuries to adapt to these changes. In this era the technological tsunami introduces this rapid pace of change, which is the cause of institutional pressures. Change is pervasive and ubiquities in a way never imagined by previous generations.

Institutions are not only organizations, governments, and enterprises. Institutions include all traditions, principles, paradigms, faith traditions, relationships, and families. Families have always been the foundation of societies and when families, thus relationships, flounder; then society itself will feel the earthquakes. You cannot understand the dysfunctionality of our government without taking into consideration the problems with contemporary families. When you seek to analyze the family, you cannot ignore relationships. In essence, relationships may well be the core issue that needs attention. Relationships are the inherent nucleus of all human interactions.

The solution to these problems requires many voices and a diversity of ideas and insights, if there is hope in solving institutional failures. You cannot do anything yesterday. Tomorrow is an elusive mistress, and it is the present where you can act and make a difference. It is the integration of many actions today that will transform the future. Each moment you move from the now, leaving a past, and the future still lies ahead of you. It takes all of us to become the change we want to be. Seek out many voices, listen to a variety of stories, and then decide how you can assist in establishing new directions, ensuring the progress and therefore the success of our culture.

Look beyond the difficulties and see this as an opportunity to create a new and better future. Labor precedes all new life, whether the birth of a child, a new enterprises, or new institutions.