How is it that this transformational era is different from other transitions in human history? It is the pace of change that makes this unique. This rapid pace of change caused by our scientific and technological advances create a 24/7 world, beyond anything previously experienced by past generations. While technology may be the cause, it is also the solution. Technology is not a new phenomenon, the pace of deployment and speed is a new characteristic to the norms of change. Change is a natural part of existence. The way you handle change is always the cause of anxiety and dysfunctionality.

 The beginning of the current change goes back to the industrial revolution. It is the transformation of an agrarian society into an urban society. This transformation introduced corporation structures, professional management, and wealth with unexpected income creating and expanding a middle class. The development of organizational structures and wealth is the spark that ignited and accelerated research and development period; that gives us the scientific and technological innovations we enjoy today. ]

 The challenge for now; is how to leverage these innovations in ways that improve the common good. As we become global citizens, these responsibilities extend far beyond our local domains. Beginning a new year, the possibilities for new advantages in a win-win combination are within reach.