A key factor to progress is the climate of freedom balanced with protection for the innovations and inventions that drive progress. Progress comes from the Latin progresse meaning advancing or going forward. It is that simple, progress is essentially moving on an upward scale of worth, whether personal (image) or public (society). Freedom is to be fully in touch and comfortable with yourself. The purpose of institutions is to promote progress, regardless whether organizations or customs. When institutions fail to do this you can bet on the decline and fall of the civilization. Civilizations are a stage of human social development. Moving out of the caves into modern shelters is an example of a stage of civilization. Our ancestors moved from the elements into the security and protection of the caves.

As societies get more complex, so does the socio-economic environment grow more problematic. Thus, institutions exist to manage these complexities. Complexities give rise to chaos, and order is essential to eliminate the distractions of life. Society needs to maintain a focus, keeping your eye on the prize, the steps necessary to make progress. When you and the collective live in a state of confusion, progress or forward movement is impossible. You exist in a survival mode, rather than a proactive environment that allows you to find new ways of doing things. Chaos impedes your ability for invention and innovation.

This is how you lose your freedom and security. It is the collective loss of the citizens within a society or civilization that creates the sum total effect. You are a critical cog in the activities for progress.