Purpose drives an activity and behavior towards a destination. Throughout history, this drive or activity is a journey, towards a destination. As with any trip, there are circumstances that require detours or taking alternate paths. Situations may lead to a redefinition of the purpose of your journey. There are times when you arrive at an end, prematurely. This leads to confusion if you are only focusing on the end. The journey is your life, the ultimate end is your death. Death interrupts the journey and thus the progress you made is what your legacy is. When you look at your life from this perspective, it will change the way you think and thus how you behave.

What difference did you make? What contribution did you leave for future generations? Remember you inherited the progress of past generations. You built what you have and what you leave on the foundation of your ancestors. When each generation adds to this base, you create a structure that is invincible and ensures the survival and betterment of each next civilization. The mystery of life is that synergism is how accomplishments happen. Remain open to synchronicity, listen to the music of the universe, and together we will make progress. Understanding this concept is essential to effective and efficient institutions,