Any institution, such as government, religions, work, family, or friends is a relationship whether formal, informal, or implied. The uniqueness and diversity of relationships make it challenging to understand. The crux of relationships is human emotions, feelings, and interactions. All institutions are people. Because the institutional interactions affect you, they are personal. It is the sum total of individual behavior that impacts the conduct of the institutions. The best way to deal with these changes is to deal with your changes. Most of the time changes occur at a gradual pace. It is not always apparent that change is in motion. You begin to feel that your comfort zone is shifting. You know this because you feel that something is not right. You might feel anger, anxiety, or just confused. These are the initial stirrings that something is changing. How you deal with this is important to regaining balance and understanding the nature of the change. How you deal with change will influence the dynamics of your circumstances. Your first step is to acknowledge that the stirrings in your comfort zone are announcing that change is in process. In order to gain the understanding, subsequent posts will explore the change in external institutions such as government, religion, social groups in order to gain a perspective of the nature of change. Once you can understand the things that are changing, you have the opportunity to consider the reason for the change. You will regain comfort zone equilibrium. You can develop a perspective of change. This new view provides you with the ability to adapt these changes into your life.