The essential symptom of significant change is chaos. Throughout the world, we see chaos via civil disorder, strife, social disarray, economic struggles, and absence of civility. Understanding the meaning of the common good is the beginning for re-establishing order in our socio-economic systems. Attempting to find the source in a complex situation is impossible. When the world order reaches this level of chaos, there is more than one culprit. The first step is acknowledging that we need to do something different.

Different does not mean returning to some previous customs, traditions, or paradigms. You cannot do anything yesterday; life goes on and today is different from the past. What you do today prepares the paths of tomorrow. If you want to restore your comfort zone, you need to understand the potential and possibilities of the changes that are disturbing your levels of contentment.

When order gives way to chaos, there are those who will exploit this pandemonium. The human species has its share of predators. If you ignore this reality, it delays restoring order. Predators exist at different levels of threats to the common good. Each threat use a cover for their actions. These justifications range from religious to political propaganda. Look beyond the rhetoric, you must follow the money (power). At the end of the day, this is what it is! Scared, angry, and hubristic motives are taking advantage of the turmoil.

In order to restore order, you have to begin with your own soul searching. Like the ripple in the middle of the lake, let your order and serenity spread. Insist that the leaders of our institutions put the needs of their constituents above their parochial points of view.