The advantage of the Digital Revolution is your ability to scan the globe of knowledge and discern a perspective on events, subjects, and ideas. The Internet is a complex network of diverse information. You will find as you surf the net – good ideas, bad ideas, and misinformation. You never want this to be different. The Freedom of Ideas prevents censorship.

The primary way failing institutions struggle with their threats is by propaganda and misinformation. In many cases, they simply want to distract you. Like the magician, they use slight of ideas, redirecting you away from their fears. An effective way of doing this is to pretend to be supporting an emotional or divisive topic. They pretend to protect Values, by inflaming naive people. The scare tactic is their primary defense mechanism.

It is your responsibility to read, analyze, and understand the issues of any idea or situation. We can all agree that breathing is a good thing. However, ideas have the potential to extinguish vitality. When someone threatens to shut off your oxygen, you have the right to refuse. Therefore, it is the same with ideas. Look at all things from different points of view. Reach a reasonable understanding of a subject. Remember you do not live alone! You must empathize with the larger community. Do not become the authoritarian you despise.

There are multiple points of view. It is imperative that you avoid idea incestuousness.  You and therefore institutions grow by a variety of ideas. Escape the fear of new ideas. When ideas conflict, step back, and get a holistic perspective. When you understand, you can solve, and solutions are progress. It is difficult to lift the curtain on differing ideas, when the noise of the voices of fear, and the emotional threats are raging.

The solution is to think! Your daily life activities keep you busy. When you hear the loudest noises, use this as your moment to assess the reason for the shouting. The only way they have power over your mind, is when you let them.