It appears that violence and civil disorder react to institutional dysfunctionality. Cultural clashes come about when individuals or groups feel threatened. In many instances, these threats are their loss of power. It is ironic how the oppressed overcoming their oppressors, ultimate become the new aggressors. In order to achieve peace and justice your primary interest must be the common good. When dissent is parochial, it simply means senseless destruction, death, and injury, resulting in setbacks. These obstructions have enormous socio-economic costs. Chaos reigns destroying all institutions.

If the cause of this were a person or set of individuals, then the task of solving the problem would be simple. It is never that easy. The system cause this destruction. Instead of building, they use the distraction of the chaos, to establish personal agendas. There are always leaders in any rebellion. The disorder and lack of security, frustrates the common person. Prolonged disarray alters a person’s concern with being free. Normalcy and security replace ideologies. The purveyors of civil strife know this and use this to get their way. We see this in a world striving to be free. Mutual hatred of others and fear of losing power, are packaged as religious and nationalistic dogma.

Institutional dysfunctionality is not a moment. It is a steady dismantling of basic principles. Respect, civility, diversity, empathy, and partnerships start with small actions. These small deeds grow to the tipping point. It is not all at once, but a steady disassociation with reality. Are we there yet?