Institutional dysfunctionality is a topic that can fill volumes, and still miss the mark. Across the entire spectrum from principles, faith, commercial, governmental, traditions, and customs, we are in a world of flux. Rather than looking at this reality as negative, it is best to view the natural reality that labor (disorder) precedes all new life! Using this perspective is the basis of updating each element to improve them to support civilizations’ growth.  It is natural for individuals to protect their comfort zones. Change jeopardizes these levels of comfort and thus cause confusion and anxiety.

Until the majority of the population understands, how the common good is a productive and beneficial condition, redefining our institutions will continue to be in trouble. The global villages is an increasing and intricate part of our lives. Isolationism and parochialism is not an option.  Selfish motivations and goals will increasingly come back to haunt the individual. Wealth and self-interest do not ensure security. The economic crises of this century, civil disorder, terrorism threats, and pandemic illnesses are evidence of the need to strengthen the common good.

Throughout history, collective people power is the ultimate way to rectify and restore sanity in institutional significance. Violence is not a solution, although sometimes necessary. T cannot add to the destruction of our foundations. The ultimate peaceful solutions reside in economic power, voting, voices, and actions. The most important part of this is the collaborative efforts to stir current leaders or create new leaders. Success comes when servant leaders, can mobilize our ideas and find common ground to developing the institutions necessary for the evolving times.  It is not the institutions themselves that are out of sync, but their relevance in evolving socio-economic changes.