The only way any culture can make progress is to continue growing and building on the past. While in the natural course of development there are missteps, it is part of the learning curve. We solve issues through trial and error. However, if we continue to re-legislate the past, we can never get to the future. It is reasonable and good to have different ideas and a diversity of approaches. In the dysfunctional political climate in Washington DC, I fear, there is no longer ideological differences. After watching the sophomoric behavior of congress, it appears that groups of representatives are either out of sync with reality or pawns of parochial agendas.

It is disturbing to witness a climate of chaos, which must have been how Rome and other great civilization became irrelevant. Maybe this is how it must be. The need to destruct before the rebuilding process can proceed. It is sad if throughout these centuries of human existence we keep repeating these mistakes. If the USA wants to be global leaders, then we have to grow up! Adulthood is only possible when we can define a path that is inclusive and responsible.