The 21st century has the potential and possibilities for solving many problems. When institutions focus on adding value to the global community, humanity has the power to overcome any issue. Not only the technology, but also the developing new paradigms free you from the constraints of the past. This requires a shift of priorities and direction.

Unfortunately, there will always be evil in the world. However, this evil does not need to pervade the entire culture. It requires changing the rules of engagement, as an incentive for a minority of self-serving individuals to play fair. Organizations, financial institutions, and commercial enterprises enjoy the legal protection of personhood. The only problem with this legal circumstance is that no one representing the corporation goes to jail. Fines are an inadequate extension of personhood. These cost are passed onto the consumer and thus not a disincentive for bad behavior. When the leaders of the corporation are subject to the full force of personhood, and can go to jail, will things change.

When money is the primary focus, institutions will increase their dysfunctionality. When value and benefit are the central focus of all activity, then the money will follow. This is a fundamental principle, which is endangering progress and the socio-economic benefit of the entire civilization. One final requirement is your involvement and voice in instructing institutions of your needs and desires. You do this by being active, voting, and determining who gets you support via your purchasing power.

We live in the most exciting times. The improvements in daily life are beyond anything imagined by previous generations. Stop being scared and embrace the diversity of humanity and the ability to integrate the best of other cultures. Ultimately, we all share a small planet. Our future depends on your ability to co-exist in a climate of peace and justice. Personally, in the midst of this turmoil, I am encouraged about the future.