I remain positive about the future. When times are difficult, the human spirit rises to the challenge. As change continues to evolve and circumstance offer new challenges this is how nature is fashioned to make progress. We grow thru trial and error. Therefore, each particular time calls for specific actions. These times must overcome some specific challenges.

Corporations are a good thing, because they create a specific socio-economic advantage that is difficult without a corporate structure. However, corporations are people, and people make mistakes. Errors in judgement are part of the trial and error process. Deliberate maleficence is another matter. Unless there are consequences to misdeeds, nothing will change. The corporate protections laws are ineffective if they result in fines. Money to a corporation does not discourage it from wrong doings, because it passes on to the consumer. If corporate personhood is to work, then jail terms must be part of the punishment. People can go to jail, corporations do not, and this will never discourage deceit

Education is the most important way to make progress. Living in a Digital Culture where new processes are creating new realities. Each new generations needs an education that prepares them for living in their evolving culture. You cannot burden students with debts that make it impossible for beginning a new life. Those cultures that offer free education are those that succeed. If the educational systems are for profit institutions, it compromises their purpose. The internet offers new ways of learning in an increasing volume of knowledge. The internet also provides different ways for educating that can reduce the overhead and cost of education.

A true democracy exists only when its citizens vote. Voting should be a mandatory. If you are required to have a driver license, insurance, etc. then the most important part of a democracy, voting should be a part of the requirements.

Over half of the US population is women. Over 57% are part of the working force. Yet only 19% are in congress, and only 24% are in state legislative bodies. Ignoring the diversity and perspective of women jeopardizes future progress.