You usually begin an exchange of ideas trusting that the transmitter is honest in using the conventional definition of the communication. This is not always true. Messages are also the basis of triggering emotions that can distort the meaning. In some cases, it is the intention of the person delivering the idea to misdirect you. This is especially true when an individual has a parochial agenda and distracting intention. Sadly, in the current political climate, this is becoming a common occurrence. When talk triggers your survival instinct, it overrides your thinking. Negativity stimulates your primal flight-or-fight reactions, which impede your ability to think rationally. Speech, body language, and propaganda are non-physical threats that trigger anxiety, which has the same psychosomatic effect of fear.

In a transformational era like the digital culture, which is the new normal, it is disrupting socio-economic circumstances that threaten your comfort zone. It is difficult enough to learn how to respond to a 24/7 environment, without the added stress of the doom and gloom news cycles and political discussions. Just remember that the denizens of doom are themselves afraid.  They do not know how to lead the socio-economic transitions to a sustainable playing field. They think that if they are in charge, somehow this can restore their security, much less, our security! Like the dog chasing the automobile, what will he do with it after he catches it? If you are unable to give me rational guidance and leadership, for safely, navigating this changing world, then you cannot steer us away from the icebergs.

Real leaders are those who have the courage to respect and give wise council on how to respond to this moment in history. Those that insist in misdirecting our attention, in order to further their agenda, are creating a path of destruction. When you feel anxious, listening to those who purport knowing the answers, stop listening and begin thinking.