A major cause of anxiety is the unknown. This applies equally to individuals as well as groups. However, groups are a collection of individuals. Understanding this simple principle for group composition is helpful, because it narrows how you address the unknown. If you are unsure what tomorrow will bring, it is very unsettling in the present. You begin to forget about the now and worrying about tomorrow which has not happened and misdirects your reality.

Fear and anxiety about the unknown is a natural part of our survival instincts. Therefore, an abnormal level of faceless circumstances will lead to a fight-or-flight reaction. A natural instinct is survival whether physical or spiritual. Both the body and the mind under threat will have the same physiological response. Losing control of your situation or not knowing what lies ahead is damaging. It is like an airplane spiraling out of control.

Personal aggression, civil disorder, dysfunctional institutions are the result of the unknown. In order to fix this, it is essential to understand the unknown causing this failure. No matter what action the pilot takes, control is impossible if you cannot correct the cause. The unknown is the greatest threat to the common good. It appears the world is in the mist of this unknown and unless control becomes the focus, we will continue to see local and global unrest