Death is a subject people do not like to talk about, yet we will all face this reality. Because this is a certainty, the focus must be on life. The main idea of death is that you stop. What goes on beyond this time is how you lived. How you touched other people. What you leave behind, that will continue through all eternity is your legacy. Your legacy is not any material things you leave behind. Although there are those who think, they know how to take it with time. Good luck! Legacies are those impacts that change others, make them feel unique and special.

Death is not the extinguished candle light, but the fragrance like a rare perfume that lingers long past the light. In this essence, your significance lives on in the lives of those you have encouraged, listened to, counseled, and simply acknowledged them for who they are. If you make other significant, you become significant.

You cannot control death, neither the time nor means. What you can control is life, and this ensures your eternity. Focus on life, this moment, then you live forever.