Change is a part of life for individuals as well as the world at large. The changes in your life are challenging in themselves. The additive changes in the world makes this more complicated. Throughout life, your experiences and relationships with others is a reality. Each person likes routine, the sanity of daily life. This is why we embrace our habits. Habits give stability to your environment, giving you a sense of security. Change disrupts your comfort zones, which creates anxiety. Nevertheless, this is growth and progress. Change gives your life adventure and mystery.

Since change is inevitable, you need to find a way to be comfortable with change. One of the ways and maybe the best way is to stay informed. Frequently, the news is its own source of anxiety. When you look at the turmoil either in your personal life, or in the world around you look for the positive. Think of birth, which is the outcome of labor. Not a single labor, but the collective labor of the child, mother, attendants, and spectator father. The flood clears the riverbanks. Your frustrations with road construction, it is a necessary inconvenience in order to expand the roadway. Ultimately, the birth of a child, a new highway, or flowing water are the good outcome of this labor.

Change needs labor (effort) to transform the present to a new future. Therefore, look at your anxiety and discomfort as a signal that change is announcing the birth of something new. Look at this as a positive! When you see disruptions as an announcement of change and transformation, you begin to be attentive to the world around you. When you engage with this present moment, you open your mind to the possibilities, excitement, and mystery of newness. This will eliminate the misspent energy of anxiety and redirect your energy towards the continuing renewal of life.