The definition of a mistake is “A wrong action attributable to bad judgment, ignorance, or inattention.” The side effect of mistakes is guilt. Once you make a mistake, you cannot change it. Guilt is a waste of energy. One of the mysteries of life is that trial and error is how you grow and make progress. Not by making the same mistakes, but by learning from mistakes. When you can look at mistakes as part of the human learning process, you will create new ideas, new ways of looking at life. This does not excuse mistakes, but it does put mistakes in a proper perspective.

When a child starts learning to walk, they will fall down. These falls do not inhibit them from trying again. Until finally they learn to walk, then run. This is how you must view mistakes. You need to apply this philosophy to yourself, but also to others. Judging the mistakes of others generates guilt, which inhibits their openness to move forward.

The habits and routines of daily life are potentials for misjudgments. Mistakes are the wakeup calls that allow you to reassess your behavior. When you have the ability to see your behavior within the context of growth, you succeed. Take that moment to feel a tinge of guilt, but never stay there. Use these moments to gain perspective. Then you can change and change is growth.