Trying to define government is impractical because of its impact on individuals. Therefore, context is critical in understanding the purpose and scope of government. The context for this writing is government as a system for maintaining the common good. In essence, government is necessary when it is impractical for any other entity to be responsible for the common good. For example, the national highway systems, the state and local transportation infrastructure. The goals and objectives of an agency is to cross over political, social, and economic levels, without prejudice to support an essential social requirement. Therefore, the national, state, and local highway systems need government to build and maintain a critical artery for commercial transportation.

Government resources stand in contrast to commercial endeavors. A commercial enterprise exists for generating wealth. A government entity exists for supporting a common good requirement. This does not mean that a government agency does not practice good expense control. However, a government agency does need cash to support the necessary resources to execute its purpose. Government action must be neutral and find ways to support its mission, which is the sole purpose of a tax system. Since the highway systems support everyone, everyone must support via methods such as taxes. Even though some segments of the population gain greater benefit, an effective tax is neutral and non-discriminating. You cannot make this more complicated than it is.

The pursuit of profit cannot dispose of its responsibilities for funding essential infrastructures such as the highway system. This infrastructure such as highways, police, fire protection, courts, etc. are critical to supporting the operations that create a profit. Parochial and preferential tax treatment is a road to destruction. An essential responsibility for the common good is ensuring the next generations build on the past! Enterprise governance goes beyond this quarter’s financial results. All stakeholders have a right to expect a future. Corporations are not disposable instruments for the few, but the guarantee of improving socio-economic outcomes.