Socioeconomic means involving both social and economic factors. It is impossible to separate these circumstances. The social elements of security, acceptance, and self-respect is essential in how you see the world, and how the world sees you. Economic reality exists in maintaining a sustainable life style. Your ability to satisfy your basic needs governs your levels of altruism. Greed moves beyond needs to unhealthy levels of social dysfunctionality. Nevertheless, economics play an important part in everyday life. The adage follow the money is a reliable rule of thumb.

When individuals make accusations, attack issues, or criticize an individual or a topic, look for the money. In a society that treats a free press and the reach of the Internet, give individuals a stage without consequences or responsibility. Every argument, and there need to be many, requires sound reason and logic. Yelling about a subject, without counter points or a logical case supporting a position, is not reasonable. I avidly support a free press and the democratic freedom of the Internet. However, this freedom has responsibilities, especially if you are a leader, or an individual who influences ideas.

In a world of socioeconomic transformation, this responsibility is sacred. Parochial or self-serving pandering requires you to be informed. If you do not see a money link, then you have some confidence that the assertion may be valid. At least it may be an idea worth considering. Then you should pursue the idea, even when it is against your paradigm, to form a more informed worldview.