When significant changes invade your worldview, too frequently individuals go into a defense mode. Change is disruptive. This is reality, and rather than fighting the normal progressions of life, learn how to deal with these disruptions. It is unreasonable to expect everyone to accept ideas that are offensive to your way of thinking. When a concept is in opposition to your frame of reference, it will take time to accept, or at least understand its meaning. The diversity and uniqueness of individuals require you to adjust your position or your ideas. These adjustments take time to mature. Maturation is the process of thinking about a subject, putting it in perspective, and then arriving at your position on the subject.

It is essential that people reach consensus on the socio-economic circumstances of this transformational period. Consensus is an agreement on a subject or opinion by a group. Since society is the group where you exist, it is essential that you be a part of the consensus. Consensus is not a compromise or abandonment of your principles. It is you reaching an understanding of the perspective of others. Humanizing subjects reinforce a society. Empathy is knowing how a situation impacts individuals. This is how a group gets stronger and ensures its survival. Cultures that allow groups to fracture its change process ultimately disappear. Consensus may require being patient while people have time to absorb and reflect.

Leaders are those who find ways to help you reach consensus. Those who hamper consensus are afraid of consensus. Because when a group reaches consensus, progress and growth are the outcomes.