Blame is an accusation or judgment of some lapse or misdeed. Blame indicates guilt. When you egregiously cause harm or injustice, then you are to blame and guilt is appropriate. If your actions are the normal mistakes, you need to think about this differently. You must be careful to avoid guilt as a way of distracting you from key issues. Society is too ready to associate blame and thus guilt too quickly.

.One of the mysteries of life is that we learn via trial and error. The infant learning to walk will take a few steps and fall. The fall does not discourage the infant from trying again. The entire person’s system begins a learning process. The brain begins to compensate, rather reprogram how you take the next step. Watching a baby begin to learn how to navigate their universe is an amazing testimony to the power of human nature. The process of trial and error and its corrective activity is the learning curve. If you establish the learning curve as a fundamental part of human development, then you focus more on this and understand the reason for failures. Failures are the catalysts for improvement. Otherwise, you would never advance.

The mystery of the learning curve becomes more complex when you apply this to relationships. In any relationship, the learning curve involves you and another. Expanding relationships to all socio-economic activities is just more complexity. However, it is still the learning curve. Life requires a continuous learning curve. You never reach a plateau where the learning curve ceases to exist. When you see life from this perspective, you embrace the learning curve. You use the learning curve to improve your life. You find the positive that grows out of the negative to create new and better opportunities.