Merriam-Webster defines communications as “the act or process of using words, signs, or behavior to express or exchange your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. to someone else.” The mechanics for doing this are complex and frequently taken for granted. You must begin the process by determining the right words, signs, and symbols, phases, which will explain your ideas or thoughts. Then you have to determine how to package this within the construct of the message. The delivery part of transmitting your message is essential to the recipient. If the recipient does not understand what you mean, then the message is lost. You delivery includes body language, inflections, etc.

The other difficulty is that the one receiving your message must translate and interpret your meaning within the context of their paradigms. This places a great burden on the transmitter, to make sure the environment is free of noise and distractions. This is essential to minimize the receiver’s distraction while they assimilate your message. Language is an evolving and developing part of our communication systems.

Experimentation is necessary to continue growing and developing the ability of any culture to improve. You never condemn the freedom to push new envelopes. Nor should you deride a person for this experimentation. Therefore, the culture of uptalk, vocal fry, and upspeak explore new possibilities, especially in a technological culture where individuality cries out for attention. The ultimate judgment on these types of exploration and experimentation is did you communicate?