Improvisation is the way you make it through life. Ad-libbing is essential to succeeding in life. While improvisation means acting without preparation, it is misleading. Your life, all that has gone before is preparation for each new moment. It is impossible to improvise without some knowledge or experience in a given situation. Life gives you different challenges. As you overcome each one, it is the learning curve for the next situation. The learning curve never stops, until you die. Learning is the mystery of life. If you keep, it in perspective, it is an exciting adventure. This does not mean that you meander thru life. Things happen is reality, regardless of all of your planning and preparation. Therefore plan, but be flexible!

It is not what happens to you, but how you respond. You cannot control the twists and turns of life. However, you can control how you respond to unexpected events. Labor precedes all new life! Use surprises and switched directions as a clarion call to revisit your journey. When you see life as a journey and not a destination, life is an adventure. Life is a series of quests, each one creating a new journey. No matter how desperate a situation appears, seek the adventure. Every circumstance brings new knowledge and new understanding. Awareness and improvisation is the ultimate means of controlling those things in life you cannot control. Control is what brings order out of chaos.