No matter how hard you try, plans will go astray. Things happen in life, when you least expect it. Rather than worrying about how to avoid these random acts of surprise, learn how to deal with them. In the proper perspective, these changes offer you an opportunity to reevaluate your journey. Life is your journey between birth and death. Learn how to use this ride to grow and enjoy all you encounter.

Like any journey, there are detours, road hazards, wrong turns, and dead ends. Do not waste energy on being angry at these disruptions. Instead, use these interruptions as a way of invigorating the journey.  You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to events. It sounds easy; some things are more difficult than others are. In the end, your best choice is to focus and put all of your energy on how you improvise.

The next series will be on how life is a mystery and your journey is more powerful and enjoyable when you learn improvisation. You can learn to play the hand you are dealt. Part of the human experience is joy and sadness, the trick is to find ways to turn turmoil to order. The secret to life is to keep on dancing!