The main reason for improvisations is when plans change and you need to recalculate your journey. It does not mean that you spend your life meandering thru life. However, regardless of the amount of planning and setting goals, life presents you with surprises. Okay we all understand this, but what do you do, when things go wrong. How do you determine the right detour? Unfortunately, there are no rules; this is why you must improvise. The guidelines for improvising and developing a detour consist of the following suggestions.

  • Stop pretending that a detour is not necessary.
  • Confront the demon causing the roadblock – it will not go away!
  • Think about the situation, is it suggesting new opportunities?
  • Plan alternatives, what other choices exist?
  • You decide if this is a temporary detour, or is it a new journey.

Human nature avoids pain. When things go wrong, it is natural for you to avoid confronting the situation. Aspirin, wine, etc. will not solve it. Step into the demon’s den. Here you find the surprising awareness of how you improvise.