Improvisation is not a fantasy; you should never dismiss its importance. Reality is a journey of hills and valleys. Standing on the hill you see only forest, within the forest you miss the horizon. Improvisations is your integrating both the forest and the trees. Reality is a relative point of view. People within the prism of their mind see reality differently. The way to reach a common view is to use ideas, scenes, topics, that avoid personalization. To make a point, you rise above a subjective approach. Understanding that each issue is subjective, you improvise a scenario where you can move to dialogue. Dialogue is your closest point of objectivity.

Dialogue is the non-defensive exchange of ideas. Dialogue is a method of building on fundamental ideas. It begins when one of the participants starts an idea. Then each member adds to this idea different perspective. True dialogue is beginning with a thought and improvising an entire play around that thought. When you rise above individualistic realities, you achieve an ultimate and higher reality. During the process, you change and others change with you. Just remember not all changes occur at the same pace.