The difficulty in improvisation is fear. When you most need to improvise a situation, it is often in times of stress and worry. When the mind is in the midst of this chaos, it inhibits your ability to improvise. Fear, guilt, worry are negative energy draining your ability to imagine. Imagination is the critical ingredient for improvisation. Unless you can free your mind to soar to different possibilities, you are stuck in time. Time continues to move, your mind resists moving with time.

Time is relative because you exist in the now. The measurement of time is misleading. It tricks you into thinking that you are the product of time. You are always the product of now. Your past is a series of events that are out of your control. The future is a vague image of what is to come. Both the past and the future are out of your control. You only control the now – what you do with the present is the potential for the future. It does not guarantee what is to come, but offers you the ability to ground yourself in the present moment

The future is the synchronicity of energy in the present. Step beyond the fear and anxiety of the moment. This allows the coexistence of events to synthesize into a new set of circumstances. When you do this, you find that the demons are only markers, showing you new directions for your journey. Use these markers to improvise new possibilities.