Hope is imperative for your ability to improvise. When you lose all sense of a different and better future, you block all imagination and creativity. If you see the present as the future, you obscure any possibility to improvise. You behave how you think. Thinking is the basis of your understanding of life. Your paradigms become your actions. Desperation ensures you will never move beyond the limitations of the present.

Hope comes from your conviction that tomorrow will be better than today. You use the obstacles of the present to improvise new thoughts. These new thoughts will stimulate the ideas, which you translate into action. These actions become the new tomorrow. You must remember that tomorrow comes from the present moments moving into the past. As each now passes, your present creates the future you intend. Purpose is the way you approach each point in time.

When you focus on purpose, you are enduring the strength and energy of hope to alter your ideas, behavior, and thinking to an upward attitude. Attitude is a direction, a theatrical pose for effect. Your mental state is the most important part of your audience for your improvisation.