The real definition of time is change. As you move through life, your activities are changing. This is a natural part of life. Growth, progress, maturity are the products of change. You begin life with the necessities of learning how to talk, walk, cry, and laugh. This never changes; it only increases in your challenges. After walking and talking, you must learn about relationships. Laughing and crying are feelings that you must continue to learn. Feelings are part of activities. Your activities are the result of your feelings. Feelings are the outcome of your thinking. Learning activity skills have a life cycle. Feelings exist for the rest of your life.

Activity accomplishments depend on your purpose and desires. Feelings depend on your mental attitude. You may decide to learn to ski, so you go about the learning process. Once you learn how to ski, you get better thru practice. Feeling accomplishments require a constant vigil. Your activities, relationships, events, and life circumstances require a continuous change process.

Just like learning an activity, the feeling learning curve builds on its own progress. The difference is that once you learn how to ride a bike or ski, you can regain this skill after a hiatus quickly. Feelings take a different path. The feelings learning curve, require you adjust to the moments and circumstances of your life. Improvisation allows you to move beyond the threats to your emotion progress. You use your previous life experiences to take you to a higher plane of existence. You improvise the situation in a new way. When you see this differently, you change. Change restores your feelings in a new way. Feelings just like activities must change. The key point is that these changes come thru different paths of understanding.