In this contemporary 24/7, world pacing is difficult. Improvisation requires patients in developing a successful outcome. Instant gratification is the social pressure of this digital culture. The human spirit is not a computer. You cannot compute change, actions, feelings, or paradigms in Megahertz. A perfect cake or meal tastes better and is more nutritional when subjected to cooking over a longer time. You can bake a cake in a microwave, but it will not taste as good.

With smartphone access and digital processes, speed is the focus. Just remember when you are typing a letter via Microsoft Word; the speed of the computer is not the critical item. The critical path is your typing skills. The human spirit needs pacing, times for play, times for work, and time to sleep and rest. This is fundamental, in a world of tsunamic activities. Technology is the cause of this kinetic chaos; it is also the solution. Whenever you learn a new skill, your proficiency suffers, as you become more comfortable the skill becomes second nature. This applies to anything in life, even different ways of doing things.

You can improvise when you are preparing that email. Think about writing a letter or a memo. When you let, the pen slide over the paper there was a connection with your thoughts. Writing letters is an intimate relationship with the receiver of your message. Then emails should not be a task to check off of your list of things to do. Give that email the same attention you would to writing a letter.