Improvisation requires your full engagement. Capturing emotions as a creative process is a great way to improvise. Anger, regardless of its source, saps your emotional energy. This blocks any potential for spontaneity. You must understand the source of the anger. Is it injustice, lack of respect, or fear? Until you know the demon that lurks deep within you, the demon will not go away. Once you acquaint yourself with the demon’s name, you will be able to create the altering scenario. Injustice calls forth the role of the defender. Disrespect is your source for writing the scenes for honor and significance. Fear the most harmful of demons requires a three-act play in order to tame this beast.

The three-act play begins with the opening scene where you establish the background for the fear. In this part of the play, you begin to confront the demon you identify the antagonist. The second act develops a perspective and understanding how fear is able to control your life. You understand the tension of this demon. The final act is how you overcome this antagonist and restore order to your life.

Improvisation is not a frivolous activity. The power of the mind overcomes difficulties. Thinking and believing influences your mood, attitude, and behavior. You need a way to adjust, realign, and reengage with life, this is only possible with your point of view. Improvisation is how your make this change.