Often life is like scaling a rugged terrain with its hills and valleys. Just as you descend to the dell, you encounter another hill to climb. No matter how much you wish to stay by the gentle flow of the river, eventually you encounter the rapids. Nature is your greatest teacher. Nature restores the woods and trees from the devastating forest fire. Ironically, the forest fire cleans the environment just as the flood cleans the riverbed. Landscapes and you are subject to natures mysteries. You cannot fight or change the essence of life. Twists and turns are the natural order of things.

When you face these mysteries of the universe, anxiety, fear, or anger will not change the course of the natural order. Improvise like nature, be part of that spirit that takes destruction as part of the cycle of the universe. As difficult as your situation may be, know that engaging the energy of nature, is foretelling rebirth and growth. It is the only way that you can retain sanity and some control over chaos. Order returns in its appropriate time.

Why bad things happen to good people is a mystery that defies understanding. Just know that distress is the precursor to change. You need to accept that something new is coming. You must be open to what is to come, without trying to analyze why. You may never know, or years may pass before you see a glimmer of why you had to experience this turmoil.

It takes time for the synchronicity of these moments to achieve your metamorphosis. In order to ride out these storms, take yourself to other places. Dream and dance the improvisation where you use your imagination to remember better times. When you know that this is a point in time, you create the hope of a better future. Eventually, the new you will be grateful for the pressures that yields this transformation.

Improvisation is the vehicle that can triage these events. Triage will find the opening doors and windows. Use your mind to ignore the closing doors! This is the way to reach new possibilities. This is the mystery of the process of growth!