Your destiny depends on your ability to evolve in a transformational era. Whether the transformation is an enterprise, commercial activity, institutions or relationships it depends on understanding the landscape. In this rapid digital evolution, socio-economic conditions are altering the rules of engagement. Prospering, not just surviving, in this environment requires an effective world view. Unlike previous times, the world exists in a multi-generational period. Within a lifetime, the divergence among these generations is unique. Your window on the world must encompass the total horizon. You must exist in the present moment, yet prepare yourself for an unknown future. This situation demands perspective and the ability to develop the necessary changes.

Effective and efficient response requires a polymathic framework. You need the agility for orchestrating and integrating many instruments to create your symphony. Unless you succeed in developing or engaging the skills to manage this arrangement, you risk creating a cacophony. We live in times that are beginning to honor and respect the generalist. It requires this type of worldview to comprehend the developing environment. When things are in flux, you need to consider many paths to ensure the journey is successful.

The wisdom of the older generations can contribute to destiny with their wisdom and experience. However, the newer generations have much to teach, as they are comfortable with this digital environment. The ultimate destiny is the collaboration and interchange of knowledge across all generations. This is a rare moment in history when we all have knowledge to share. When we are all comfortable with new ways of thinking and asking questions, we will achieve a better civilization.