Destiny refers to future events. However, the road to these future events is the present. You can make an effort to repair the past, by changing things in the present. The biggest obstacle to your future happens now. It does not happen all at once! Some event or circumstance may be your epiphany moment. Yet it takes the long slogging effort of evolution to make the changes revealed by your awakening.

One of the major threats to your destiny is your integrity. Each political season brings this reality into focus. You cannot outright lie, exaggerate truth; create images that contradict reality. Once you go down this path, you will be lucky to be a footnote in history. Being an honest thinker is imperative, especially when your ideas present a different point of view. It will establish your integrity. Different ideas are critical to human progress. Presenting these as another way to look at things is the catalyst to keeping civilizations on track.

Your image as a thinker improves your destiny. Fabricating sound bites, in an attempt to establish your authority is a brittle and dangerous journey. Destiny is the history of your journey. A truthful journey with its detours is the only way to survive in any storm. Be aware of those who bend reality. The destiny of all depends on the integrity of leaders. The majority of humanity is busy with the struggles of life. We depend on leaders to stand on the hill, paving a safe and sound road for all. While we focus on our integrity, we plead with leaders to ensure their integrity.