Your legacy depends on the domains you touch by your life. It is the things you do, and those you influence that determines your legacy. This domain may be your family and friends. The domain can reach across communities, entire countries and have global impact. Unfortunately, we hear about all of the bad legacies. Individuals who chose to destroy rather than build. Destruction is not limited to actions. Words can also destroy. The 24/7 news cycle makes it seem that everything is bad. The minority with their sensationalism deny this platform to those who seek the common good and improving the world.

History writes the final judgement. Whether you attain a legacy of betterment, evil, or insignificant depends on how true you are to your outside voice. Saying one thing and doing another is hypocrisy, not a flattering legacy. Actions do speak louder than words. Make sure that these two are in sync. Your value system if not honest will expose who you are.

It is not important as to the depth and breadth of your domain. All domains are equally important. It is as important to leave your children with a legacy as well as leaving the world with a legacy. The key to whatever legacy you leave is what you are doing now!