The digital culture is part of your destiny. The present generations with pre digital life, have important insights. The pre 24/7 global environment gave you time to breathe. Technology with its amazing capabilities overshadows the purpose of the technology. All technology, institutions, commercial enterprises, and government exist for the purpose of the common good. After all as a species, survival depends on our collaborative and interdependent relationships.

The significance of the digital culture is the elimination of time and space. The 24/7 global pace of life, changes the circumstances. You have the ability to experience the world without leaving your house. You can see situations occurring in remote parts of the world as they are happening. You have the ability anytime day or night, weekday or weekend to scan the globe and outer space with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can access libraries of information, movies, and databases by surfing the web.

You now have the ability to gather information and gain new perspectives in a way that was overwhelming in the past. Generalists are those whose point of view crosses multiple windows of insight. The generalist today has the ability to remain relevant because of your ability to grow with the expanding universe of knowledge. Change and the pace of change require constant vigilance in order to remain significant. The complexity of the digital culture requires specialists. Finding the right specialist depends on the nature of the issue. Even the specialist needs a generalist’s frame of reference.

You need to learn how to breathe. You must take time for the behemoth demand for knowledge to evolve. You must find ways to segment the 24/7 presence. Make time to absorb, to relax, to commune with nature and others. The meaning of new knowledge requires your ability to consider, think, analyze, and create new ideas. While the pace and ways of living are changing, change is still human centric.