Your destiny and the destiny of all people is relationships. Intimate, causal, or friendships are a particular type of this relationship destiny. It may also be your writings, your ministry, leadership, or your work. All of the socio-economic activity is about relationships. In is the variety of relationships that will establish your purpose. When we speak about the common good, it is about relationships. Parent, child, spouse, friend, relative, or special bonds, the relationship is what lives on.

Your destiny is how the relationships you have; linger on in your absence. Did you impact someone to aspire to higher causes? Are you part of someone’s thinking, frame of reference, or point of view? Does your essence linger on like a rare and unique perfume, long after the bottle is empty? Destiny is how you live on in the essence of moments now and in the future.

Relationships the core of you destiny, are lived now in this moment. Challenge your relationships; be sure that you provide the material for them to live on. It is impossible to hide, no use in trying. Destiny is good or bad, it depends on how you see yourself and your relationships.