Your destiny is your journey. This is why each destiny is different because the journey is personal. It is impossible for you to try and mirror another’s destiny. The reason the world works, is the positive blend of the variety of journey’s are greater than the sum total of all the journeys. You may gain inspiration from watching others. Eventually, you can never duplicate it, because who you are is the distinguishing factor. Thus, you should enjoy the ride. Give over the reins, and let the force of your personality and the circumstances of the moment direct you.

The wisdom of the moment is prespring you for a journey of mystery and adventure. Even when it seems the worst, when you see nothing but detours, there is a purpose, a destiny. When things feel right, it is a clue that this is the right direction. When things are chaotic and turmoil is the master, take the time to see the paths ahead. In life, detours are useful in certain circumstances. However, if you travel a distance and the scenery is not changing, then you may have taken a wrong turn. How can you know?

You will discover whether this detour or path is a wrong direction or a preparation for a new highway. This discover comes when you let go. You let go when you acknowledge your inability to control everything. You let go when you let the energy of the universe whisper. Most of all you let go, when you listen!