Here we are on the eve of New Year’s Eve. It is an appropriate time to think about your destiny for the coming year. Look at the future not as a predestination, but as karma that helps propel your journey forward. I see so many things about my life that I want to change; things that disappoint me. Then the TV, paper, or other message comes floating into my sphere of attention and oh how lucky can I be!

No one is free of anxiety and turmoil. You cannot exist in a world of constant happiness, laughing your way into fantasy. The bled of tears and laughter is the way humans are constructed. It is better to understand this part of reality, rather than ignore a fundamental principle of being human. Anxiety varies by each unique person. You cannot compare one anxiety against another. Each individual anxiety is intense, to each individual. So if this is reality how do you handle it?

The only way to know that anxiety is always a precursor to change and things that are better. Labor precedes all new life! Whether the birth of a child or the start of new journeys. It is part of the nature of things, which you grow from the stressors upon your spirit. As difficult as the moment may be – understand that it is a message announcing a new journey. Thus, it is appropriate for you to begin this New Year with change in mind. Celebrate and ask for clarification. Look forward to the adventures of the New Year. Let your demons remain in the past, and your dreams become realities in the future. If labor is how you must make the journey, then let it be the catalyst, as I prepare for the mystery of change. Happy New Year!