My generation has the benefit of living thru a cultural transformation era. Each person undergoes his or her own personal changes. This is a challenge in itself. Add to this a dramatic change in the socio economic environment and it is a bumpy ride. Prior generations had their paradigm changes as well. However, the environment in which these mental challenges presented themselves were relatively stable. This is not the first major transformation in history. Besides the Industrial Revolution, there were other periods like the world wars, which required adjustments.

What makes this transformation different is the tsunamic pace or change and the global 24/7 impact. There are many labels for this period of human history. Information age, Knowledge revolution, digital culture – yet every age has new knowledge and new information. The significant difference is that we are in a digital culture – the computer is the essence of this digital evolution. I have the privilege of living in the pre digital world. However, my entry to the digital environment in 1959 provides a unique insight.

The objective is to give you a perspective on change using the digital framework. In a fast paced and changing universe, you need to understand how to navigate this transformative journey. Those who are born in the digital era can benefit by understanding its purpose. You appreciate the digital world when you see it with it human centric perspective.