One of the greatest benefits of the digital culture is youe access to the world on a 24/7 basis. The smartphone gives you access to news, knowledge, entertainment, etc. You hold in the palm of your hand a universal library of information. However, freedom goes beyond quick access to information. It also requires that you get different points of view. As long as humans write about a subject or discuss a topic, there will be subjective points of view. This is natural and not something, that can change. The change is you! You have the capability to access different sources. You need not agree with some of the ideas, but you must at least give them a hearing.

It is when you take advantage of a variety of ideas and opinions that you can feel free. With an amble abundance of ideas, you can form new ways ahead. The benefit of this transformative era is the digital culture that gives you access to the world without you having to leave your living room.