It is interesting to see how there are two types of people – those who see life as a glass half-full and those who see the glass half-empty. It does not matter how or why anyone reaches this view of life. What matters more is your ability to understand where you and others are within this spectrum of life. This understanding should always begin with you. The half-empty point of view lives in a world of overwhelming anxiety. Since any situation is merely the preparation for disappointments. Joy is an illusion soon to disappoint you. The half-full sees rainbows behind every storm. Difficulties are merely labor preceding new life.

The secret is to discern where the person you are dealing with are within this frame of reference. If you are communicating with a person of the opposite perspective, then you already have a blockage you must overcome. Frustration will not work! The following scenarios may be more helpful. If you are half-full communication with half-empty. Change your approach. Understand that whatever you say they will see from a negative perspective. It is fruitless to try and convince them otherwise. Maybe you approach the subject beginning with the negative and moving towards the positive. If you begin with the positive, you begin with a distraction where all the negativity becomes the focus. In essence, you lose the persons attention immediately and therefore the remainder of the message is lost in the struggle of determining how this will be a disaster

If you are half-empty talking to a half-full your disappointment in a successful outcome is a series of counter points. The half-full cannot accept the inability to reach a solution, in any circumstance. If you are half-empty talking to half-empty you spend all of your time convincing each other that it will never work

The best way to engage in a dialogue is to begin the encounter with a question. The answer will determine the recipient’s frame of reference. I hope that you know your position. Engaging in a dialogue with questions will allow you to pursue the communication by using the answer for the next question. In this way, there are no threats. The dialogue can proceed on a more objective plane. Ultimately, you come away from the encounter enlightened and both of you have a different perspective. After all this is the main purpose of any communication.