Change itself is a slow evolutionary process. Impatience will not rush its time to evolve. It is like use a microwave versus a stove to bake a cake. Either method will bake the cake. The stove with its time and heat produce a better outcome. Thus, it is with change. The first point to consider is that change comes at its own time, not when you want it. Change requires the confluence of many factors to come to a point of development. Consider any change and analyze the many convergent situations that occurred in order for this change to become a reality. While electricity precedes the computer, it is a source of power. What power source could you substitute that would make sense; and especially be as cost effective and convenient.

Therefore, the first principle is that change requires preparation. Events must be in place in order for the change to be possible. In order to do a heart transplant, you had to understand that it was an organ like any other and was not the determinant factor of clinical death. Then and you could begin to develop the medical science to perform transplants. If you are seeking change, please consider the environment. Do the circumstances exist for this change to develop? If not, then what is necessary for this change? Rather than frustrating your desire for a specific change, maybe you need to define what is necessary for the change to grow. In all situations, you need the nourishment of the soil to grow the flowers and ideas of change.

As an evolutionary process, change may be taking root because the preparations are in place. The spark is present and change is off and growing to its new level of growth. Change is growth the opposite is death. In this case, the change is ready and waiting for you to catchup.