There are major transition periods in human history. However, there are also significant moments of change in your personal life. These transitions are your growth. As you learn more and understand the mysteries of life, you change. While there are some mysteries that you may never understand completely, you begin to establish a way of dealing with these grey areas of life. Change is normal and an important part of your life. It is something that you cannot stop. Each year you get older, which is not an option. Becoming wiser is an option, something that you can control. Wisdom comes about when you confront these mysteries and begin to evolve new paradigms.

Trying to stop change is as impossible as holding back a raging river. You may run to the bank and try to hide; it will not stop the rushing waters. Life has its moments of storms and rapids. The point is not to hide, but to find ways to ride the swirling rapids until you reach the placid pools. Each person must find ways in which you manage and survive these tumultuous times. Your personal change encountering historical periods such as the digital culture we now live in, exasperates your personal change.

It is impossible to give you the rules or guidelines for riding these waves of change. The key point to overcoming the fear of the unknown – which is the essence of change – is to be secure with who you are. Self-worth and being comfortable with yourself is the major armament against the insecurity of change. Confident that you along with the power of the universe will support you on the journey of change, is the key to this security.