During the change journey you need to look for signs that point the way to the next direction. During the fog and anxiety of a life going out of sync, it is difficult to logically understand the next steps in the process. Giving control over to a higher force, is difficult. We all learn that you must take control of your life – do something! Easy to say, but difficult during the chaos of the transformation. There is no crystal ball that send you directions. Instead, the synchronicity of the moments hold the key to movement and understanding.

Most of the change that happens to you is understanding. Gaining new perspectives and altering your paradigms is the essence of change. Looking at circumstances from different angles is the way you adapt to the changing environment. Your greatest challenge is giving way to the stirrings and trusting that the fog is leading you to new horizons. Disruptions jeopardize your security and comfort zones. The natural tendency is to seek the life rafts, to gain footing and gain some degree of security. Unfortunately, this works against you.

Giving yourself over to the tide, is contrary to survival instincts. The only way is meditation. Not the mantra and formal meditation, but the stirrings of your mind. Free yourself of the surroundings. Allow your subconscious and the wisdom of your experiences to lead you to new findings and new perspectives. The best meditation is not to distract or interrupt the flow of these wisdoms by some type of formal meditation. The best meditation is letting things flow. Take the leap to let the forces of your inner self work out the understandings that change your life. The wonder is that signs will begin to appear, until they become the tipping point that completes change.