Change is part of life. The opposite is not a good thing! The best way to live with change is to embrace it and enjoy the mysteries of life. If you look at things as good versus bad, you will be disappointed. Instead, look at things as mysteries to unravel. The current circus we call the political campaigns for 2016, is one of those mysteries. Politics are expressions of the desires and changes which are the transformation of a culture. In times past these transformations were localized. In this 24/7 global environment, politics extend beyond borders. It is impossible to put the genie back into the bottle!

The 24/7 news cycle, your involvement in the activities and dramas of the universe expose the growing pains of cultures and humanity itself. The Internet and TV allow you to view these circumstances of change. You are witnessing the fears, desires, and needs of the human species, as it is going thru a significant era of change.

The survival of any species depends on its ability to adjust to new things, to reappraise their paradigms. You must look at things differently. This is necessary to determine new paths in this journey of life. Right and wrong are not moralistic positions, but ways of adjusting. Political positions are mysteries seeking your help in unraveling their meaning. Use this climate of extremes as a way to filter out the gray areas. Remember that your choices and actions will determine your ultimate survival and quality of life. Do not let others choose for you!