Change is a healthy part of life. The dictionary defines change as becoming different in some particular way. It is a transformation, which differs in intensity. The most intense is metanoia, from the Greek meaning a visceral change, spiritual, mental, and physical – complete. It is a complete alteration of how you think and how you behave. Empathy is less intense, but still significant. In empathy, you understand how someone else feels, even though you are not affected. The major change is how you think and accept someone else’s circumstances.

The other change is how you begin to think about your life with less rigor or harshness. As you go through life, you establish certain point of view. Experience is a great transformer, it occurs when you step outside yourself, and analyze a situation, relationship, or behavior. Sustainable change is internal – where you see the world thru new windows. These windows open up horizons, you never imagined. Things happen in life. Look at these events as catalyst to pull up the shades. Drawn shades mask the light. Use your energy to lift the shades and see the horizons.