Since change is inevitable, the best way to deal with it is to take advantage of it. Become part of the change by being active and a part of the change itself. The most significant part of change in the world is mental. You begin to grow and alter your paradigms. Action should be part of your life, not just a reaction to a situation. Often we are too busy just getting thru the day. You need to schedule time for volunteering or being a part of the changing landscape.

However, if a situation or circumstances are the catalyst for you to take action, this is also good. The system, politics, religions, institutions, etc. are subject to the rules of change. When these enterprises do not grow or change, you always have options. However, with your government you have limited options. You must be a part of the action to ensure that institutions change in response to the needs and requirements of whom they serve.

Sustainable and effective change is an evolutionary process. Revolutions may be necessary at times, but why must we wait till things get so out of sync? Be a part of the institutional growth. You can always leave a faith community. You are less flexible with government. Please do not wait till it becomes a necessity to take such radical steps.