The significant change that impacts all socio economic activities is the Digital Culture. This change represents those times in human history when the transformation is a major game changer. Besides the magnitude of the changes to social, commercial, and global activities, there are subtle changes that will have a far greater impact on developing a global culture. In times past cultures were constrained to geographic areas. This change advances the civilization in a way different from other periods in history.

The worldwide 24/7 environment overcomes the limitations of space and time. Now you can visit any place at any time, from the comfort of your home or work. News cycles keep you in touch with the events throughout all regions of the earth and reach out to the cosmos. This complicates the traditional political borders, where governments must find ways to overcome socio economic barriers. Traditional institutions and agencies must find new means to coordinate and control international transactions. This calls for innovative ways in which countries can protect their territories while establishing friendly and open relationships.

There is another phenomenon in play. The digital culture is empowering people to extend their capabilities. The smartphone, tablet, and laptop provide you with the ability to access a universal and growing library of information. In addition, the applications give you the capacity to develop your ideas with a minimum of dependence on others. Office software, desktop publishing, websites, and social media give individuals power never imagined.

This change requires serious and unconventional thinking. The learning curve, and trial and error experimentation in a fast-paced environment is a serious responsibility. Connecting ordinary citizens in new ways is the single and most powerful path to freedom. No longer can leaders hide reality from you. Throughout the world, you see citizens organizing against suppression and ignorance. Pent-up anger must be the energy necessary to change the world. Real and lasting change is an evolutionary process where you build on the good foundations to restructure the traditions and institutions to adopt to this new world.